Student Life

Nagaoka city is located on the Japan sea coast in the middle of Honshu Island, the largest island in Japan. The city is full of beautiful nature and historical places. The average temperature is ~25 in the summer and ~3 in the winter. You can enjoy four seasons each providing gorgeous natural views and exciting activities.


Cherry blossom (Spring)


Fireworks (Summer)


Coloring leaves (Fall)


Playing with snow (Winter)

Description of Student’s Life is shown here.



Welfare Facilities

The university facilities include 2 cafeteriastotal capacity : 400 seats, a café52 seats, an all-purpose store, a barbershop and a dry-cleaning shop. Electronic Money, Edy and QUICPay, can also be used at 2 cafeterias, café POPEYE and all-purpose store (shop BAITEN).