Student SDGs Promoters Hold “SDGs Workshop and Report on internship”


On Monday, April 18th, the “SDGs Workshop and Report on internship” was held by student SDGs promoters, using a hybrid format in consideration of foreign students unable to enter Japan due to COVID-19.

The SDG workshop

In the first section, Ms. EHIRA Nozomi, (forth year bachelor’s student, Department of Materials Science and Technology), gave an SDG workshop focusing on SDG 12, “Responsible consumption and production.” She discussed, from a life cycle assessment perspective (a method of evaluating impact), the issue that even reusable shopping bags are unlikely to contribute to reducing environmental impact if they are not used repeatedly. She also described simple methods of using traditional Japanese furoshiki cloths and expressed her hope that they would remain in use for decades, thus contributing to the realization of the SDGs.

Master course student Ehira’s presentation

In the second section, Mr. Ly Vu Duc, (first year master’s student, Department of Mechanical Engineering), gave a presentation on the outcomes of the internship (Jitsumu-Kunren) in which he took part the previous year as good practices, providing explanations with a focus on SDG 7, “Affordable and clean energy,” and SDG 12. He introduced the SDG initiatives taken by shin-etsu works, the company where he did his training, and the eco-friendly pellet stove they manufacture for sale, which uses pellets made from waste wood from thinning, etc. During the Q&A period that followed, Mr. Sango of shin-etsu works, (divisional manager), provided additional explanations, ending the event on a high note.

The Office for SDGs Promotion intends to continue planning events along with the student SDGs promoters, accelerating initiatives intended to resolve SDG issues through widespread participation therein.